WOD Tue 12/Jul – Rings

July 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Another ring day – like on Friday. No metcon though….


  • Sun salutation 6x
  • Abs rollout 8x
  • Frontweight Lunges 5each@24kg
  • Overhead lunges 5each@24kg
  • Front squat 10@24kg
  • Overhead squat 5@24kg
  • Superdog 5each + 10each @ 2kg
  • Mule kick 5each
  • ConCon Leg-Raises #3 1×20

Ring hold

  • 10/15/20/25/20/15/10sec

They are getting easier. 25s does feel like a long time though…

Ring push-ups

  • rings at knees 5
  • rings mid shins 5/5/4

Failure on the last one’s – more difficult than regular push ups (longer ROM, stabilisation)

Ring rows

  • rings at hips
  • horizontal (knees bent) 8/8/8
  • vertical (hip bent) 5/5

The horizontal one’s are easy. Not sure about the vertical one’s: I thing one can cheat easily by bringing the hip up. Also I don’t have full ROM there

Dips 5/5

  • wide grip
  • superset with previous

Wanted to to 3×5 but was exhausted. Cant go as far down on wide grip as I can on narrow grip

Push-ups 3×8


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