Five-a-Day, Day#4

March 10, 2012 § 1 Comment


  • Sun salutation 4x
  • Good-morning 2×10

GM’s were pretty painful on the hammies

The double-set stuff

  • Pull-up chins – 4/4
  • Goblet squat – 8/8@24+20 racked
  • Press – 6e@20kg

Chins were unusual. Should do more.

The single-set stuff

  • TGU – half 6e@20
  • Kettlebell swings – 1×35@24kg

The swings were easier than 25 hardstyle. It is probably the same amount of work, but hardstyle is faster. Still not happy with TGU’s – I am very unstable. I do remember that I was mainly doing them with 16kg though when I was doing them in the gym, and the uneven floor on the terrace does not help (the worst is when putting a mat – the fact that it might slip even 1mm seems to just tip me off)

Cool down

  • Loaded carry 6min@24kg


  • Top range pull-ups
  • Ridge pull-ups

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